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New customer case study: how Ben Bradshaw MP uses the FT

Our new customer case study investigates how Ben Bradshaw MP and his research team are using the Financial Times to be better informed of news, trends and specific issues affecting his constituents.

The challenge

Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw needs to stay abreast of politics, public policy and foreign a airs. His research team require reliable and impartial resources to provide Ben with accurate information.

The solution

With objective political reporting, the FT provides authoritative information on foreign a airs, UK domestic policy and Whitehall developments, as well as up-to-date global news and insightful analysis.

The benefits

By being well-informed Ben can serve his constituents and perform effectively in Parliament. His research team can brief him accurately on both broader trends and on specific issues relevant to his local constituents.

Staying informed with the FT

“I moved from the Guardian and Times to the FT when I was a Minister in the Foreign Office, because the FT’s foreign coverage was much better,” says Ben. “I stayed with it because I still felt that if I read one paper a day the FT would leave me the best-informed on politics and public policy” and says “the FT often provided quicker, more insightful analysis than Government briefings.”

“The reliable, detailed and up-to-date reporting helps ensure I have a good idea what both the Government and my own party are doing, which helps me draft responses to constituents. The good coverage of foreign affairs also helps me respond to constituents on issues such as the EU, or the current issues in the Middle East and Ukraine, with an informed position.”

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