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Case Study: How Credit Suisse uses FT content to strengthen customer relationships

Credit Suisse is one of over 4,000 institutions using the FT digitally to improve productivity, by integrating its information and analysis into its business processes.  

The challenge

Wealth management clients are swamped with information, often not relevant to their interests. Wealth management firms are seeking ways to tailor client relations within the constraints of increasing compliance requirements and cost pressures.

The solution

Credit Suisse and Move Digital have made FT journalism part of their wealth management process by linking news, research and customer data. FT journalism is a trusted and familiar source and provides insights for conversations with clients.

The benefits

Better informed relationship managers provide better advice. This improves client retention and attracts new clients. The licensing and technology solutions can scale to bring best practice to all customer facing staff and productivity gains.

Read and download the case study here.

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