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Daiwa Asset Management strengthens product creation with the FT

The challenge

Daiwa Asset Management needs to stay on top of the latest market developments.

The solution

Teams and individuals at Daiwa are provided with up-to-date FT intelligence, insight and analysis on demand in order to innovate and generate new product ideas.

The benefits

Daiwa uses the FT effectively to strategise how investment products will work, and to generate clear, informative marketing materials to offer their products to clients.

FT’s intelligence helps us generate new product ideas because they provide us with a wide range of information on the global economy. Also, FT’s market data and analysis are useful tools that help us assist our clients with insight on the global market environment.

Mr Tone YutakaSenior product manager, Daiwa Asset Management

A leading company in Japan

Daiwa Asset Management, a member of the Daiwa Securities Group, is one of Japan’s largest asset management companies, with a high number of assets in its portfolio. The company focuses on mutual funds.

Headquartered in Japan with a network of offices worldwide, they provide global investment solutions, while also paying close consideration to the Japanese clients.

Using the FT to generate fresh ideas

The Japanese investment industry is changing rapidly, with an increasing focus on mutual funds and distribution houses. In the face of this rising complexity, Daiwa needed to keep up to date with the latest market developments in order to innovate and grow.

Daiwa’s product managers are constantly seeking to generate new product ideas at the right time. As a result, they also needed access to relevant, high quality data analysis to explain market trends to its clients and distribution houses.

Our focus on investment products and indices for women sets us apart from the competition. The FT’s focus on ‘Women in business’ helps us stay engaged and customise better solutions for the investors.

Ms Maki NoguchiSenior product manager, Daiwa Asset Management

Making informed business decisions with FT insight

Daiwa chose the FT Group Subscription to ensure their employees had access to trusted, quality coverage of the global financial markets and the economy. This means that teams and individuals in Daiwa now have access to FT news insight and analysis on demand.

They use this expert intelligence to generate new products, strategise how these products work, and then market them to clients. Mr Tone, Senior Product Manager, explains: “At a global level, we acquire much valuable information from the FT’s in-depth articles and special reports.”

The company benefits significantly from following topics including:

  • US/Global Politics and Policy
  • Central Banks
  • Oil and Commodities
  • Alternative Investment, ETFs
  • Gender Equality
  • Fintech
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Daiwa is also keen to track global investors’ opinions about Japan – access to the FT makes this possible timely and effectively. By following the FT’s dedicated “Women in Business” stream, they get the latest on how other countries are seeking to redress gender inequality and support diversity in the workforce. This information in turn influences the investment products.

The market is changing fast and we're constantly looking for ways to adapt and innovate. The way we use the FT is always evolving, as we identify new opportunities and applications.

Mr Masahiro HotchiManaging director, CMA, fund management division, Daiwa Asset Management

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